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7 Best knife steel

If you have a kitchen full of knives, you will need knife steel. The work of knife steel is to align the edge of your knife by sharpening it.

Often known as honing steel, chef’s steel, a rod of steel, sharpening stick or steel, butcher’s steel, the knife steels are available in the market!
This makes it tough for you to pick up one from the crowd! You will get knife steel constructed with several materials. But which one should you pick up? This is where we can help you out!
We have made a list of the 7 best knife steel on the market that can bring back the life of your dull knives! Take a look, pick up one, get the best use of it, and thank us later!

Top 7 Knife Steel

Knives deserve to be sharper than your tongue-they say! To make the proverb worth it, make sure all the knives in your home are sharpened and honed properly! Check out the list of the best products!

Wusthof 10-inch Diamond Sharpening Steel

This knife by the brand is very thoughtfully crafted and designed in Germany. And when it comes to getting your job done faster than ever, you can rely on this knife steel. Whenever this one touches the surface, it sharpens the base immediately.

The best part is the slip-resistant handle of the knife. So, when you are sharpening, there’s no chance of the knife slipping from your hand or falling. Also, it secures the knife and lets you be unharmed during the process. As this one has a diamond surface, you do not need to hone it frequently. It will last for a long period. At the end of the steel, there is a loop added.

So, you can easily hang it on the wall of your kitchen! On the other hand, the handle is made of plastic to ensure ease of use. All you need is a damp cloth to clean this product after you’re done with your sharpening process! It will not only sharpen the knife but also extends the life of your knife and lets you use it for the long term!

  • • Diamond surface for less frequent honing
  • • Slip-resistant handle
  • • Loop included for hooking
  • • Safe and secure
  • • Quicker sharpening
  • • Requires care while storing

Green Elephant Ceramic Sharpening Rod

The cool knife steel that stands above the crowd is this Green Elephant sharpening knife. If you are into ceramic knife steel, it will always have your back! From the durability to the quality, you get it all here! The ceramic that is used in the construction of the knife steel is 9 Mohs. And so, do not get amazed if you sharpen your knife with it and it stays forever that way!

The other amazing fact is this one is very lightweight and easy to lift or carry. The comfortable handle affords you comfort during work and also, you need less effort while you do it! While using it, you only need 5-10 strokes and that will be enough for sharpening the knife you own! If you are worried about dropping the steel and shattering it, don’t worry!

This one has the shock-absorbing facility added! So, it will keep the knife steel safe and vibration-free! All you need is a bit of detergent to clean this one! This is easy to use even for the newbie. If you are using a very long knife and worried about what you can sharpen it, have faith in this Green Elephant product. This won’t let you down!

  • • Ceramic knife steel
  • • Shock-absorbing facility
  • • 1500 grit for the perfect finishing
  • • Works with longer knives
  • • Comfortable holding during work
  • • Lightweight to use and carry
  • • Expensive

Zwilling Professional S Sharpening Steel

This 12-inch sharpening steel is designed with perfection. And yes, if you want knife steel that is bigger and better, get this one without any confusion.

When you have a lot of kitchen knives and you want to keep them perfectly sharp always, you cannot go for the standard honing steel sizes. And for you, the best this is this one by Zwilling which is larger to take care of your entire kitchen knives collection.

The handle of this product is made of plastic so that it is nice and lightweight to work with. Also, a hanging loop is added so that storing never gets difficult for you. The guard is decorative and looks incredible in your kitchen. It is constructed with carbonized and chrome-plated steel and so, you do not need to worry about the durability at all!

The maker of the knife steel is quite reputable and so, it will surely serve you the best! When it comes to the quality honing sessions, nobody will disagree that the longer the knife steels the better! Working with this one is super easy and once you get accustomed to it, there’s no going back!

  • • Carbonized chrome-plated steel construction
  • • The plastic handle is lightweight
  • • Takes care of a lot of kitchen knives
  • • Quality honing with longer size
  • • Includes hanging hook
  • • Includes small hand guard
  • • Might be large and heavy for some people

Utopia Kitchen Honing Steel Knife

When you have a favorite product and you get the option to choose the size of it, it makes you feel better. Yes, this one by Utopia Kitchen Store comes with two different size options for you. The standard-sized honing knife of 10-inch is available here and so is the larger 12-inch size! Go for the one that fits your need the best!

The construction is done with carbon steel. Along with the, it is coated with nickel-chrome to make the performance better and the surface fine! While sharpening, there’s no chance of any damage to your honing steel if you are using this one.

Even beginners can work with this easily. Along with this, if you worry about your safety, you are completely safe with it.

It sharpens your knives faster than almost all knife steel available in the market. The best part is, no matter you are right-handed or left-handed, you can comfortably use this one!

For resisting any sort of slip and providing you protection, there is a rubber bottom attached. So, this is slip-resistant and safe! The sheerness of the product is what the user loves the most!

  • • Available in two sizes
  • • Carbon steel construction for durability
  • • Nickel-coating included for damage-free session
  • • Designed for both left and right-handed people
  • • Slip-resistant handle with rubber bottom
  • • Large hand guard
  • • Can stick to any magnetic rack
  • • Very heavyweight

Winware by Winco Stainless Steel Knife Steel

When you are in the search of the best knife steel, you can always rely on the large one! This doesn’t only cover all the knives of the kitchen but also gives you quality performance.

And this is where the name of Winware Stainless Steel honing steel comes in! It is 12-inch steel and magnetized.

The best part is, this one is available in single and sets both. So, for commercial use or your home, you can settle for this one!

As we told, this one is magnetized and so, it is capable of collecting all the tiny bits of the knife’s metal that will come loose when you are honing. And this makes it one of the safest knife steel in the market.

And as expected, storing it with the magnetic rack is also easy! Apart from this, if you don’t have a magnetic rack, you can always rely on the hanging loop it includes.

The handle that comes with the steel knife is made of plastic which is easy to work with. All you need is a soft damp cloth when you need to clean it after the honing process!

  • • Available sizes and sets
  • • Magnetized for collecting metal bits
  • • Easy storing with a magnetic rack or hanging hook
  • • Handle of plastic
  • • Good-grade construction material
  • • Affordable price
  • • Might be too large for some people

Noble Home & Chef Professional 11.5-inch Honing Rod

When you want knife steel that looks as good as it works, you can go for the Professional Ceramic honing steel by Noble Home & Chef brand. This comes in a completely black color that will fit with any kitchen decor and will look superb!

Along with this, you can get the knife steel in white color to make it look perfect! You get to decide from two different grit options here too! Both 2000 grit and 3000 grit are available for a perfect sharpening session.

No matter you want an aggressive sharpening session or a finer one, you get both here! It is a ceramic sharpener and the best part is there are no plastic or rubber tips added here. For hanging, a perfect hanging loop is fitted.

As there are no plastic or rubber tips, it makes you safe while you work and do not damage the tips! You can use this one for years as it is highly durable. According to the users, it is not only easy to hold but also easy to use! And the sheerness and the sturdiness make it one of the best knife steels nowadays!

  • • Large in size for all knives
  • • Available color options
  • • Two different grit facilities
  • • No plastic or rubber tops
  • • Hanging loop included
  • • Sturdy and easy to use
  • • Quite expensive

Messermeister 800 Grit Diamond Knife Steel

If diamond knife steel is your favorite, don’t think twice before buying this Messermeister honing rod for your kitchen knives. This one by the brand is of 800 grits and the size is 12 inches. So, the size will fit you if you have a lot of knives to sharpen!

Along with the 12-inch, you can get the 10-inch size available too! The faster sharpening ability makes it one of the best among the other steels of the same positions. The handle is quite comfortable and there is a hand ring added for a safer work process.

The edge of the honing rod is narrow so that you can use this one on the scalloped serrations. There is no marking on the tip. It ensures that your tip is safe and not damaged. The low grit is the best deal for the knives that are already dull. The rod is lightweight and is an easy-to-store tool.

  • • Diamond-coated knife steel
  • • Available sizes
  • • Quick sharpening feature
  • • Low grit for the dull knives
  • • Comfortable handle easy to use
  • • Hand ring for safety
  • • Lightweight rod
  • • The diamond coating will wear off

FAQs on Sharpening Steel

What is knife steel used for?

Knife steel or honing steep is used for pushing the edges of your dull knife back to the center of it so that it can straighten it once again. After a long term of use, a knife gets dull and curved.

The work of a knife is to make the edges straighten and make it sharp once again so that the knife is sharp enough to do what it is designed for!

What are the different types of sharpening steels?

The constructions of the knife steel are not the same. And this makes the basic difference between them. There are knife steels made of steel and also some are constructed with ceramic.

There are diamond honing steels available too! These are the coating on top of the knife steels to make your sharpening process easier and better. And if you are talking about the basic construction of these honing rods, it is mostly metal. And on top of the metal, different types of coatings are used.

How long does a honing rod last?

The longevity of a honing rod depends on the construction of the rod. Mostly, these are constructed with metal. But the coating on top of it is the one that makes it last longer. Most of the honing rods will serve you for five years to ten years or more. If you are using a diamond rod, it will wear off faster than the others.

But the sharpening facility of the diamond rod is better than the others too! The longevity also depends on how frequently you use the knife steel.


So, you have checked all the amazing knife steels that are available now. Some other knife steels also serve you the same way. But we have picked up the top-rated and loved ones for you.

Now, it is your job to choose the best one among these that fits your requirements. We assure you that you will never get disheartened if you use any of them! All of them will fit your needs!

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