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The 6 Best Knife Sharpeners of All Time

How does a knife feel when you use it? Probably blunt, right? You want your knife to be sharp so that you can cut through various items with ease. A knife is only as good as its blade, which is why knife sharpeners are necessary for keeping your knives in tip-top shape. It’s actually really easy to find the best knife sharpener because there are so many on the market! Here are six of the top-rated knife sharpeners that will help keep all of your blades nice and sharp.

Maintain your knives by sharpening them regularly

Maintaining a knife means keeping it in good condition. To maintain your knife, you should sharpen its blade at regular intervals. A knife has more than just one side and each of these sides will need sharpening eventually because they all wear down with use over time. The only way to achieve the best edge is by using a whetstone or other sharpener designed for that purpose–no kitchen knife requires anything else!

There are two methods of knife sharpening – wet and dry

Wet knife sharpening is done with a whetstone or other sharpener on a wet surface. The blade should be held at an angle of about 20 degrees to the stone and moved in one direction only, so as not to grind away too much metal from either side of the knife edge. Some people like using this method because they can see what’s happening–you can watch for cracks, chips, and nicks that need attention before going further with your knife restoration project. Other folks think it takes too long, though others claim you get better results from this technique than by working dry.

Dry knife sharpening also comes in two varieties: abrasive (or manual) methods such as honing rods; and precision blades such as electric knife sharpeners.

The best way to sharpen a knife is with a whetstone or electric machine knife sharpener

A knife can be manually sharpened with a whetstone or some other form of abrasive. This is probably the most common way that people sharpen knives, and it’s also the least expensive to buy (assuming you already have a knife). The problem here is that coarse stones wear out much more quickly than fine ones–and they’re not so easy on your knife either–so this method takes longer and ends up costing you more in the long run.

Electric knife sharpeners are faster, easier to use, don’t require any special skill set from users as opposed to honing rods which need constant tension applied by hand when using them, but blade alignment becomes an issue if they aren’t used correctly.

A whetstone will give you the best edge

A whetstone will give you the best edge because it is made from natural materials but they require more maintenance than an electric machine.

Whetstones come in the form of a stone or sandpaper which need to be wetted for use, this makes them more difficult to work with because they tend to slip from your knife and it can take quite some time before you get used to their slipperiness.

A whetstone is made naturally from material like silicon carbide found on natural rock formations, so when sharpening your knife these abrasives are going onto the blade edge. This means that while a whetstone will give you an excellent edge there is often noticeable wear and tear on the blade’s cutting surface.

When choosing a whetstone, make sure it has coarse and fine surfaces which will help create the perfect blade edge sharp. With an electric sharpener, always keep the blade at the same angle when you’re grinding away – otherwise, you’ll risk damaging your knives even more!

You should only use both hands to hold onto the handle for safety reasons.

You should only use both hands to hold onto the handle for safety reasons.

The knife needs to have a sharpening angle that matches the knife.

It is important to grip on the blade of the knife with your fingers, not below it, or else you will risk cutting them on accident.

Top 6 Knife Sharpener

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

The 3-stage sharpening system for professional results at home is a set of knives that will have you looking like an expert in the kitchen. The knife holder selects thick or thin depending on what type of blade is being used while the angle adjusts to your need – hunting, chefs, and standard blades respectively. With guides holding onto each side as it passes through, this process leaves you with even less chance than before because there is no guesswork involved! After all these steps, one final ceramic wheel finishes off by making sure your edge is ultra-sharp so food can’t stand up against its force (although they don’t really).

Mueller Original Premium Knife Sharpener

The 4-stage system provides precision and power to sharpen your knives, reshape the angle evenly, rejuvenate the edge with 100% diamond abrasives. It’s perfect for all types of blades including stainless steel, hard steel, or ceramic. The rubberized grip guarantees safe and firm handling during sharpening while its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around in the kitchen drawer making this an indispensable tool that every chef needs!

Mercer Culinary German Honing Steel

This 12-inch German sharpening steel is made with the highest quality and used by many well-known chefs. This tool has a black handle that makes for easy gripping so it can be handled safely even when wet or oily; just don’t forget to get some gloves! With its lifetime warranty, you’ll never have to worry about defects in this great product.

Chef’s Choice AngleSelect 290 Hybrid AngelSelect 15/20 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

The best way to make a knife sharp is by technological innovation. Hybrid AngleSelect technology uses electric and manual sharpening stages for an extremely high-quality, arch-shaped edge that’s stronger with less maintenance than ever before thanks to efficient CrissCross sharpeners! The result: 100 percent diamond abrasives in Stages 1, 2, and 3 of the patented process; so you can be sure your knives will always stay razor-sharp without any hassle at all!

AccuSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

The AccuSharp Knife Sharpener makes it easy to sharpen your knives quickly and safely. It’s the perfect knife sharpener for all types of blades, including chef’s knives, paring knives, serrated knives (and more). If you own a blade-type object in your kitchen or around your home that can be chopped with super precision then this is the tool for you! The innovative design features diamond-honed tungsten carbide shells which are extremely hard so they last long enough to get through even some tough jobs without any issue at all. With their unique reversible feature, these tools will not only save time but also money as one becomes 2 – meaning no need to buy another anytime soon.

KitchenIQ 0009, Black 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Sharp knives are essential for cooking but dulling quickly. The Edge Grip Knife Sharpener is an easy option to maintain a knife’s sharp edge with its patented grip and compact size. It has two types of ceramic rods, the Fine used for polishing and finishing off edges after use as well as quick touch-ups on already sharp blades, while Coarse provides fast blade setting capabilities when necessary so you can have your kitchen back in business quicker.

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We have put together a list of the best knife sharpeners on the market, in order to help you find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you are looking for something that is easy to use and convenient or wants a professional-grade sharpener that will get every job done quickly- we’ve got just what you need! Our team here at Knives Etc., Inc. has researched, tested, and compiled this list to make it easier for all our customers to find their ideal knife sharpener. So whether you are buying as an individual homeowner who wants a simple kitchen tool; an avid hunter who knows how important having clean blades can be, or someone simply interested in cooking professionally because they love food so much.

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